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Empowering vulnerable women & girls to make a positive change

Our Mission

The mission of The Undergarment Society is to provide new undergarments to women living in transitional housing as a result of domestic violence, homelessness, or other unsafe conditions.

New bras and underwear provide dignity to women who need to start anew. While shelters provide assistance such as temporary housing and used clothes, brand new undergarments will help empower vulnerable women and girls to make a positive change for themselves.


The Undergarment Society invites women in Charleston to host a “Party with a Purpose.” By attaching donation collection to social groups, we can harness the power of community. A “Party with A Purpose” creates avenues for meaningful social change.

The Undergarment Society is ready to take it to the next level. Eliza & Elizabeth envision on-going parties, an aspect of the organization that educates young men and women on healthy relationships, and a fully-stocked bus that can serve as a mobile donation center so that more women in South Carolina are served.

The Undergarment Society is a recognized non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status.

Through word of mouth, The Undergarment Society has flourished, with sixteen additional parties and over 2,100 undergarments donated.



March 12,


Eliza Chandler & Elizabeth Stribling launched The Undergarment Society on Sunday, March 12, 2017, with a Mardi Bra Party.


They collected 300 new bras and underwear.




Feb 10,


Mardi Bras at Triangle Char and Bar welcomes dozens of guests and collects hundreds of new bras and underwear

Our Story



Begin the US BUS Campaign to provide a mobile donation center.  We have collected 6,140 undergarments in total! 

Elizabeth Stribling

Elizabeth had recently taken her daughters to the local women’s march and wanted to do something more. 

Eliza Chandler

Eliza was inspired by an article about such an event and decided to see what she could do here in Charleston.

Our Partners

Our Partners

The donations collected by The Undergarment Society are gifted to:

●  Thrive SC - a shelter for women escaping domestic violence

●  Lowcountry Orphan Relief - a donation center that fills DSS requests for children being removed from their homes

●  Carolina Youth Development Center - a residential shelter that prepares young adults in foster care for adulthood

●  Florence Crittenton - a home that provides young, at-risk pregnant and parenting women comprehensive services

●  My Sister's House - provides services and resources to empower victims and their children of domestic violence to live free from abuse 

●  Doors to Freedom - provide a safe place for survivors of sex trafficking to experience a transformed life

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