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Help us stock the US BUS, a mobile donation center 

In June 2018, we were awarded a $10,000 grant from the Joanna Foundation for a mobile donation center. One problem we encountered in our early days was managing inventory and getting the right sizes to those who needed a little extra support.   


During the Holiday Season, we raised an additional $16, 000 from the US BUS campaign. 100 empty gift boxes were spread around the Low Country and our generous supporters filled them with cash!


In April 2019,  our vision became a reality as we purchased this gently used Ford Transit Highroof.  Now we can create an inventory of sizes in order to serve the women of the Low Country with more dignity.

In February 2020, we raised money at Mardi Bra to wrap our van and help with making the inside a boutique.  

In Summer 2020, our friends at Don't Despair Home Repair, Brittany and Jessica (Ray & Jill too!) donated hours of time and supplies to turn our work van into a beautiful boutique.

Your help with Donations helps us keep the US Bus on the road!

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